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Ree Recommends

By nature, I am a connector…a natural net-worker of people and their services; I love to help people.  I am also nutritionally-motivated and eco-friendly, like to be prepared and love to save money whenever possible.   So naturally, my friends often come to me for referrals.  I gladly give them to those people and businesses with whom I have had an “A+”  experience (after all, by giving out my referral  I am essentially putting my name on it too, and I don’t take that lightly.)  On this page, you will find links to products and services that I personally use and would highly recommend for you and your family. Check them out today!

Saving money using green energy!

I am so excited to introduce you to Viridian Energy. Viridian offers customers a simple and powerful product – greener energy at affordable prices. I am thrilled to be a part of a company that empowers its customers to save money AND help the environment. FREE enrollment – Great for your home, business, charity, etc. Check out this special website link:

There is also an amazing residual fundraising program for your favorite charity, church, school, etc.; ask me about it today! (   Viridian Energy is currently available for customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Illinois (adding more all the time – so check back!)

Natural Health & Wellness

Good nutrition takes time and planning. Clinically proven Juice Plus+® helps you bridge the gap between the 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the nutrition you actually get with your busy schedule. Check out what renowned Dr. William Sears, Dr. Jim Sears (from “The Doctors”) and many, many other health professionals offer to their patients each and every day.  Please use this special website link:

Locavores Unite!  What in the world is a locavore?  Well, I am particularly fond of Wikipedia’s elaboration…check it out…

And just so you know…I am totally a locavore!  Not only do I always support LOCAL businesses for all of my family’s needs, I am so blessed to live in an agricultural area – pretty much surrounded by farms – which means great, fresh organic food for us!  My FAVORITE farm is my sweet neighbor, Sunny Hill Farm.  A family run farm started in 2001 by Mel & Jean Teal, they specialize in fresh produce, flowers & bakery items. They also have farm fresh eggs, beef, preserves, as well as local honey & ice cream.  Check them out!


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