life is a long and difficult journey…be sure to stop now and then for a little snack

About…Life with Ree

My family at my son, Tim's graduation from Virginia Tech.

My family at my son, Tim’s graduation from Virginia Tech.

Hi, my name is Ree…thanks for stopping by!

By day, I am a speaker, go-giver and master connector with our company, ReeCreates…and by night…I’m a blogger, both here and, where I share all things healthy foodie!  (be sure to check it out 🙂

This blog is a place to chat about some of the good things in life, focusing on intentional and purposeful living, green life and homesteading tips.  I like to share with you what inspires and challenges me to make changes for myself, “recreate” myself, as I am always striving to improve  and expand in various areas of my life. I truly hope that what inspires me also inspires and encourages you to make positive changes in your life, too.  I look forward to going through this journey with you 🙂

Who knew this stuff???

Our sweet furry family member, Cody the awesome Golden <3

Our sweet furry family member, Cody the awesome Golden ❤

* I am the oldest of 8, mother of 2 and wife of 1…an entrepreneur, go-giver, foodie-chef, musician, author, lover of animals, life changer and have survived raising my sons to be modern-day knights.

* I am a Christian; continually humbled by the grace God extends to me daily.

* I am a foodie-chef who despite an incredible surge of healthy living, cannot seem to kick my addiction to bacon…or chocolate…or chocolate covered bacon…(see my blog,

* I have had fibromyalgia for about 19 years (brought on by the loss of my son, Ben) and Stage 2 lymphedema (as a result of a rare tumor inside of my heart and 2 in my abdomen) for about 4 years. Although these serious chronic conditions have been life-changing in so many ways for me and my family, I do not allow it to define me. I am thankful for both of them because I learn daily, more about myself, life and the purposes God has planned for me.

*  I applied to a “Top 10” University because my then boyfriend told me I was “too stupid” to get in because I attended public high school.  Funny thing was…he (Mr. College-Prep School) applied and guess which one of us got in, promptly dropped the boyfriend and worked 3 jobs to put herself through that school because she was just that stubborn? 🙂

* I was a homeschooling mom and already totally miss having Richard home with me and he just graduated last week.

* I love a simple, natural homesteading lifestyle.

* I have always had a tender heart to help both people and animals in need ❤

* I was that geeky kid checking out the maximum number of books every week when the Bookmobile would come to our neighborhood – and have them all read in 2 days.

* All in all, I am a flexible and resilient woman with a quirky sense of humor and a particular fondness of really cool purses.

My motto is:  “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body…but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out, chocolate in one hand and screaming

“WHOO HOO!!  What a ride!!”



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