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Soul Searching and Throwing Away Your TV

on July 25, 2013

For about the past 18 months or so, I have been on a search…a soul search.  Yes, I know I have one, I just didn’t know much about it because for my entire life I have been “easily swayed” by what other people have said and done or listening to them tell me what I should do or not do.  All I have done is “stuff down” the things of life – the good, the bad and the ugly – and never really dealt with things or even ventured out into experiences I desire.  Oh sure, I have dipped my toes in the water a bit here and there, but for the most part, no.

In my search, I have been trying to purge all of this stuffing and not add any more to the internal work I am already doing (every once in awhile, I do learn from my mistakes 🙂 )  After reading this post, I just confirmed my choice.  Before 2010, I very rarely would turn on the TV, however, being sick so much of the past 3 years sitting here like a slab of meat, I have had little choice but to turn on



the TV, sometimes just for the white noise.  But make no mistake, what goes in comes out and I haven’t liked what has come out.  (And your energy bill will enjoy the break, too, just sayin’.)

I don’t want to do all of this purging only to fill myself back up with garbage, so my TV is going off again.  (No, I can’t throw it away and give my guys a stroke, but I am a big girl and am able to control my own viewing time.) This time, it won’t be hard to do because I have been searching and purging for awhile now.  It’s totally worth doing – I mean really….most of the shows anymore are “reality shows” that I believe are overly dramatic and not reality.  And really, why do I want someone else having an experience when I can do it myself (ok, maybe I won’t go alligator hunting anytime soon, but you know what I mean).  I want to experience life myself, not watch other people do it.

Living intentionally…I don’t want to waste another moment, life is too short, so here I go!  How about you? 


4 responses to “Soul Searching and Throwing Away Your TV

  1. Kendall says:

    WOW, I respect your decision, I know I should cut back, if not completely cut off, that is a tough one!

  2. Hi there Ree, I haven’t seen you post for a while so I’m wondering how you’re doing. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and that everything is going well. Take care. Hugs your way!

    • Ree says:

      Hey there!! Thanks so much for noticing I was gone ❤ My Nana took ill and I have been caretaking – a bit overwhelming at first but I think we have her on track now! So I am back!!! 🙂

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