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Chocolate Love

on April 24, 2013

Richard & Cody

I am on a road trip to visit family and friends…just me and my Mom…first time ever.  It’s been great until 48 hours ago when I learned that my beloved, Golden Retriever, Cody, is very, very sick…and I am 12 hours away from home at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Georgia.  My hubby and son are taking care of things at home, but my Cody is like another child to me.  At 15, he has loved me, protected me (even bit a man who was trying to attack me) and has always been by my side.  Many tears cried into his fur and his unconditional love and affection has always been there for me and my guys…technically, he’s my son, Richard’s dog, but yea, he’s a “Momma’s Dog”.  Richard, has always teased me saying that if he believed in reincarnation that he wanted to come back as my dog.  🙂

Cody started getting sick almost the minute I left and right now he’s still at the vet hospital.  They are still not sure what is going on but the vet has given me some peace  that she has stabilized him and that there is nothing else being violently expelled from either end of his body.  Peace enough that she said I didn’t have to hop on the first flight home, as was my intent.  He is getting the best care my money can buy and my son and hubby are visiting with him and I am learning to be “ok” with that I am not there.  My heart is still broken, but if he continues to improve, I can continue my once in a lifetime trip with my mom.  I am very thankful for the support my mom, aunt and uncle have given to me and their offer to fly me home.  Having supportive family is such a blessing, especially knowing that some people do not have one.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, is supportive furbabies…

DJ = Chocolate Love

My aunt’s chocolate lab, DJ, is apparently very “in tune” with me and my emotions.  Although Aunt Dee has 2 labs (one black, one chocolate), DJ has been snuggling with me, shadowing me, her fur has held my tears as she has been loving all over me since I got the news about my Cody and I have been upset – loving me through my pain like only a furbaby can. Nothing like having a 100 pound dog sit on your lap…now THAT is true love for you…:)


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  1. Wishing you and Cody all the best. Enjoy your trip 🙂

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