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You have WHAT?

on February 26, 2013

Fibromyalgia & Lymphedema

Wow – what a combination!  I have had fibro before anyone knew what it was.  That diagnosis was riddled with a medical runaround and numerous tests because I could have sworn I was pregnant.  In retrospect, I wish I was pregnant instead of the fibro.  Just sayin’.

Then, a few years ago, I  also developed lymphedema.  Because it took the traditional medical community so long – almost a year – to diagnose this for me and begin treatment, I am now in Stage 2 lymphedema with no turning back.  Look up the pictures; it’s not pretty. Add to both of these that because of them, I am now morbidly obese (which is not pretty either)  and enjoy sleep apnea.  I am obese because of a combination of poor nutrition, pain and lack of mobility (and I am hooked up to compression pumps about 5 hours every day).  The fun part is that I am in a “Catch 22″ situation.  If I treat the fibro as instructed (heat, sauna, hot tub, etc.) then my lymphedema (for which I have no heat tolerance at all) sends me into a whole new level of escalated pain and swelling.  Since I live in chronic pain and swelling, this is NOT something I am going to sign up to do more of; trust me.  Therefore, I treat the lymphedema because it’s actually the more debilitating of the two.  Yea…good times.

Now that I think I have finally pushed past the worst of my grief and depression of having to deal with both of these major chronic health challenges, I am ready to really start restoring my own health and regain wellness.  This time, instead of relying on our traditional medical community to help me, which has not done anything for me except put me on nasty prescriptions and more surgery – or better yet, throw up their hands in despair, I have instead decided to take my life back and bring it back to basics…get nutritionally balanced!  I have been working toward this for the past few months (adding natural supplements, educating myself, leaving processed foods and fast foods, etc.)  I am now ready to take the next step a little further…eat more nutrient foods (and growing more of my own), more holistic wellness education and trying to get some consistent exercise.  All of this, along with the maintenance of bi-weekly physical therapy and other “maintenance” treatments, should bring around the healing that I know God has for me.  ❤

What is your biggest challenge?  Share it with us…I would love to have you walk along this journey with me…we can encourage one another!

if you think you have no time for healthy eating



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