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20 Everyday Stress Busters

on January 22, 2013

Awesome de-stressers!

eat purely. live purely.

yoga pose

Stress is a normal part of every day life, whether caused by work, family or events completely out of our control. It can have both positive and negative effects. The effects become negative on our mind and body when it accumulates and isn’t dealt with properly. Here are 20 Stress Busters to help you better deal with everyday stress.

Adapted from Clean Eating Magazine

1. Stop Rushing. Start giving yourself more time to get things done

2. Get enough sleep. If you are operating on less than sufficient sleep, even
the small annoyances can become major crises. Not to mention the effects on
your hormone levels

3. Let out a big sigh. This will help you naturally begin to breathe more deeply.
Try to free up your abdomen so it can expand as you inhale. Let the breath
linger for a moment, then gently draw your belly button in as…

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